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Impacto conflito Rússia / Ucrânia na Indústria Automóvel (atualização 24/mar)

Automotive News Europe

MAR 2022

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting the auto industry
The crisis in Ukraine has caused disruptions at some auto assembly plants and prompted companies to suspend shipments to Russia.
- in Automotive News Europe, atualizado 24-03-2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing ripple effects in the automotive supply chain. The attack also has prompted companies to stop shipping to Russia or suspend operations there.

Here are some of the impacts on the auto industry:

Russia says it will decide on the future of Renault’s Moscow plant next week

Russian authorities will decide how to use Renault’s plant in Moscow by the end of next week, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said, after the automaker announced it was suspending operations there.
Renault’s Russian partner AvtoVAZ will build Lada models with less foreign content

Russia’s top automaker, AvtoVAZ, said it would manufacture new models with reduced exposure to imported components and do its best to restore supply chains after Renault said it was suspending operations at its Moscow factory and would “assess” its stake in AvtoVAZ.
Renault suspends Russian business, adjusts 2022 outlook

Renault said it would suspend operations at its plant in Moscow while it assesses options on its majority stake in AvtoVAZ, the country’s No. 1 automaker.
VW will restart production at German EV plants

VW said on Wednesday that it would resume car production at its German EV factories in Dresden and Zwickau from next week, sooner than it had planned.
VW’s Seat is hit by impact of Ukraine war

VW Group’s Spanish subsidiary Seat is facing production shortfalls from multiple sources, first from the semiconductor shortage and now from the impact of the war in Ukraine, CEO Wayne Griffiths said.
VW resumes output in Slovakia plant that builds Porsche, Audi, and VW large SUVs

VW Group has resumed production at its factory in Bratislava, Slovakia, after a two-day stoppage because of the chip shortage and supply constraints caused by the war in Ukraine.
Leoni boosts output of wire harnesses in Ukraine despite threat of Russian rockets

Leoni is ramping up production of wire harnesses at its two plants in Ukraine — with workers operating under a nighttime curfew and the risk of rocket attacks.
VW ramps up Wolfsburg production faster than planned

VW is ramping up production in Wolfsburg faster than originally planned as the supply situation stabilizes, despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.
Skoda says Ukraine supplier is making wire harnesses again

Skoda said its supplier in Ukraine had decided to restart production of wire harnesses, which should allow the Czech automaker to resume production of the Enyaq electric SUV.
Ford’s European output hit by Ukraine war

Ford’s vehicle factories in Germany and Spain are facing production disruption due to shortages of parts from Ukraine and other locations.
Renault resumes production at Moscow plant

Renault has resumed production at its Moscow plant after suspending operations there in late February.
AvtoVAZ partially halts production at Russian plants

Lada maker AvtoVAZ, which is controlled by Renault, said it is partially halting production at its Russian plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk due to shortages of electronic parts.
Bosch suspends Russia business, says parts may have been misused

The supplier is probing the use of its products after Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Ukraine had found Bosch parts in Russian military vehicles.
Ukraine suppliers are still producing wire harnesses

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said the automaker had lost a substantial amount of wire harness production in Ukraine that was needed to keep assembly plants running — but amazingly, not all of it.
VW will ramp up output at Wolfsburg

Aftrer parts shortages caused by the Ukraine war eased, Volkswagen plans to increase Golf production in Wolfsburg while its EV plants will stay shut until April.
BMW’s German, UK plants will return to full output

BMW Group will resume full production next week at factories in Germany and the UK that were halted or slowed by supply bottlenecks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Nissan halts production at Russian factory, citing parts shortages

Nissan has halted production at its factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, for three weeks, citing problems sourcing parts from outside the country.
Mercedes holds firm on EV investment plans despite Ukraine war disruption

Mercedes-Benz will not cut spending on future electric vehicles even as it copes with supply-chain cost pressures exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, CEO Ola Kallenius said.
BMW cuts automotive margin forecast due to Ukraine war

BMW Group lowered its profit margin expectations for its automotive segment for 2022 due to the war in Ukraine, which will have an effect on supply chains and weigh on the global economy.
Ukraine parts shortage puts 15% of European auto output at risk, analyst say

Up to 15 percent of European auto production could be at risk because of shutdowns at wire-harness factories in Ukraine after the Russian invasion, Colin Langan, an auto analyst at Wells Fargo, said.
Audi stops production at Neckarsulm plant on supply-chain disruption

Audi says supply bottlenecks caused by the war in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the current situation regarding the supply of semiconductors, are contributing factors in its decision to halt output at the German plant.
Inchcape says Russia business ‘no longer tenable’

UK car distributor Inchcape said it had started transitioning its Russian business after noting ownership interests in the country were “no longer tenable” amid Western sanctions on Moscow following its invasion of Ukraine.
EU said to mull Russia export ban on cars worth over 50,000 euros

The EU is discussing a ban on exports of luxury vehicles worth more than 50,000 euros ($54,760) to Russia that would hit models from several European car brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Porsche.
Mercedes cuts shifts in Hungary plant

Mercedes has temporarily cut shifts at its factory in Kecskemet, Hungary, to two from three, citing supply-chain disruptions caused by the Ukraine war.
Michelin suspends its activities in Russia

Michelin is suspending production at its Davydovo plant, which produces up to 2 million tires per year as well as exports to the country.
Ukraine war upends Central Europe’s post-Covid revival

The Ukraine crisis has led to VW pausing production in Poland and Skoda stopping Czech output of its Enyaq electric SUV, stoking risks of sharper economic slowdowns.
Stellantis will move Russian van output to W. Europe

Stellantis will move its current Russian van production from a plant in Kaluga, which it shares with Mitsubishi, to Western Europe and freeze plans for more investments in the country.
Mercedes flags billions at risk

Mercedes-Benz has about 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) of assets in Russia that could be at risk if Moscow decides to expropriate the property of foreign companies that leave the country over its invasion of Ukraine.
Russia situation unlikely to affect Renault’s recovery, chairman says

The invasion of Ukraine is unlikely to threaten Renault’s recovery as this is already on the right track and the automaker’s long-term strategy goes well beyond the current situation, Jean-Dominique Senard said.
VW’s Diess warns Ukraine war risks economic damage worse than pandemic

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess warned that a prolonged war in Ukraine risks being “very much worse” for the European economy than the coronavirus pandemic and may lead to huge price increases, scarcity of energy and inflation.
Tesla will pay conscripted Ukranian employees for up to three months, report says

Tesla will pay Ukrainian employees asked to defend their country for at least three months, U.S. broadcaster CNBC reported.
BMW will resume production at German plants

BMW will gradually resume production at its Munich and Dingolfing plants in Germany after it suspended production due to supply chain issues caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Suzuki will suspend exports to Russia from its Hungary factory

Suzuki’s Hungarian factory has suspended car exports to Russia and Ukraine as of March due to the war.
AvtoVAZ to partially resume output next week

AvtoVAZ will partially resume operations at its Togliatti and Izhevsk plants from March 16 because it says it wants to protect the incomes of its staff in Russia.
Porsche halts Taycan output on parts shortages

Porsche is temporarily halting production of its Taycan EV at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant due to a lack of components caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Production of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, EQS models has been disrupted in Germany by parts disruption

Mercedes-Benz is adjusting shift scheduling at its home plant in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, where it builds the S-Class sedan and EQS electric sedan, because of the impact of the Ukraine war.
Continental is working on shifting production from its Russia plant

Continental is trying to identify locations where it can raise production to compensate for the loss of output at its Kaluga plant in Russia, where production has been suspended.
Russia could nationalize automakers that shut operations

A senior member of Russia’s ruling party proposed nationalizing foreign-owned factories that shut down operations in the country over what the Kremlin calls a special military operation in Ukraine. VW, Toyota and Ford are among automakers that have temporarily closed their Russian plants.
Ferrari suspends production of vehicles for Russian market

Ferrari said it is suspending the production of vehicles for the Russian market until further notice. The automaker is also donating 1 million euros ($1.09 million) to support Ukrainians in need.
Chinese automakers to benefit as rivals exit Russia

Chinese automakers operating in Russia including Great Wall’s Haval, Chery and Geely, have potential to gain market share, analysts say.
Automakers face soaring metal costs

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ramping up the price of metals used in cars, from aluminum in the bodywork to palladium in catalytic converters to the high-grade nickel in electric-vehicle batteries.
Stellantis CEO Tavares calls for lower steel tariffs

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has called for U.S. and European officials to lower protective tariffs on steel as raw material and energy prices rise.
VW brings forward Ukraine-related production stoppage

Volkswagen has brought forward a production stop at its home factory in Wolfsburg as the supply situation for key part such as wire harnesses gets worse. Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are also reducing production in Germany.


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